5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Staff Augmentation


Many times IT departments have more work on a project than they can handle. Outsourcing is a tactic used to get the job done. Outsourcing makes IT practitioners cringe. They think it’s a low-quality, low-budget, quick way to get the job completed. There are different types of outsourcing, each with pros and cons. Staff augmentation is the best way to outsource your projects. Here are common misconceptions with staff augmentation and the truth about each one.

All Outsourcing is Based Overseas

One of the biggest misconceptions about staff augmentation is it is all based overseas. When you think about outsourcing, you cringe to think you won’t have adequate contact with the company. You might not like the fact you won’t speak to the developer on your project. Many negative thoughts might pop in your head that make you want to go out and hire your team.

With staff augmentation, many times, the companies are located right in your backyard. We work out of NY. The on-shore location gives us the opportunity to provide the best service and eliminate all the misconceptions that come with worry about the companies location. Staff augmentation differs from traditional outsourcing because it helps fill the gaps in your software team versus giving the project away. 

You Lose Control Over Your Project

Another common misconception with staff augmentation is you lose control over your project. With traditional outsourcing, you hand the keys to the castle to the company you hire. You have very little oversight into the progress or direction the project is taking until it’s finished.

Staff augmentation is precisely how it sounds. We augment your team. If you don’t have a team, we’ll be your team. We utilize your resources and follow your plan of action. Staff augmentation builds on your software team, allowing you to keep full managing control over the direction and progress of the project. Dedicated teams of developers are at your fingertips. You have direct communications with the project manager and developers. 

Lower Price = Lower Quality

Another common misconception is you get what you pay for. Your project is just a dollar sign, and the company is going to be cheap because they hire cheap low-quality developers. Lower cost also leads back to the location and pay due to the standard of living, etc. Staff augmentation is much different.

Staff augmentation is a lower cost than hiring in-house in the long run. Various factors play into this. Developers at a staff augmentation company make industry-standard wages. Developers are also well trained and recruited from college as interns. Where we can beat the price of in-house teams is we have the inventory of developers. You save on recruiting, hiring, and training costs. You get the quality you deserve with the price that your budget will love.

Lack of Communications With Project Management and Developers

When you outsource your project, you worry about not knowing about the status of your project or speaking to the developers for technical answers. You may worry about time-zone differences with overseas outsourcing or a language barrier that makes it challenging to get the full scope of what’s happening with the project.

When you work with a staff augmentation company, you have control over both the team and the project. Your augmented developers are part of your team and dedicated to your project. All communications about the status and progress of your project go directly through you. Even with remote augmentation, you are the boss. You work directly with our project manager and developers.

We Still Have to Pay For Maintenance

With traditional outsourcing, you pay to have the project built. The project gets turned back over to you, and if you’re lucky, you can pay for maintenance. The lack of support included could cause a bit of frustration at the beginning of the software implementation. Luckily, you’ve chosen staff augmentation

With staff augmentation, you pay for as many developers as you need for as long as you need it. Instead of paying a company to be responsive to your project maintenance, keep a developer on your team. Follow an agile method of continual improvement and implementation. A benefit of staff augmentation is you don’t need to recruit and downsize. You pay for what you need and can change your requirements based on project needs.


Put aside your misconceptions about staff augmentation. While it’s a form of outsourcing, staff augmentation provides a better way to get a team of developers to build and maintain your project. Before hiring, or outsourcing overseas, consider looking into staff augmentation. 

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