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How to Find and Keep the Right Tech Talent

Every company is becoming a tech company. This may require you to develop your own custom software to stay competitive with other companies in your industry. But what does this entail? Finding the right developers can cost you time and money, as well as potentially turning your whole company culture around. 

Below are a few of the ways we find and keep the best software talent in our market.


If you have existing developers, internships may help you find good talent. An intern program will draw talent in at a significantly lower cost with the ability to separate employment at the end of the program or keep developers who excel onboard. 

The issue with interns as your main source of talent is you still need to train them. Interns have several downfalls. First, they may not have experience in the business world. Second, they may not have experience with the tech stack you want to use. Third, there is no guarantee they’ll stay at the end of the program. They may get trained and move on to a higher paying position.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Salary is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to finding and keeping talent. The average starting salary for a junior software developer is $67,001 in NYC per Glassdoor. The average salary for a senior software developer is $121,521. Technology keeps improving and the skills needed to keep your software developers competitive will only increase. 

Many companies are offering a very competitive benefits package which can be a bit expensive for smaller companies. Companies keeping their developers longer than the average 1 year have benefit packages that can offer fully paid health, dental, vision, and life for their developers and sometimes, their dependents. 

Vacation and sick time need to be on par as well. Many companies not dealing with accounting restrictions can offer unlimited vacation and sick time to their developers. This may require additional staff to ensure you have backups when people take a vacation.

Flexible Schedule

Another benefit companies are using to hire and retain top talent is flexible work schedules. The standard 9 to 5 schedule won’t keep your talent beyond the internship. Many top companies offer flexible work schedules. Their developers work the hours they choose as long as work is complete and they meet their hourly salary requirements. 

This can put stress on your office manager or human resources to make sure hours are logged properly and hourly requirements are being met. If you prefer staying with a set work schedule for control, maybe consider another route for software developers.

Workplace Shenanigans

Software developers often work in open office spaces. They are creatives who work hard at their stations all day. When you mix in marketing and other departments, things might get a little rowdy. One trend on LinkedIn that you might see is the corporate Nerf wars. Allowing your team to blow off a little steam now and then is good for morale, productivity, and building culture.

Another perk to offer is an occasional meal. Pizza on Friday or Taco Tuesday lets your team know you care. Many developers will work through lunch to get their work done. Not only is this illegal, but it’s also not good for morale. Making a company celebration and eating together helps build an atmosphere of being inclusive and building a team. 

This can hurt productivity with some businesses. You may have an aging staff who doesn’t feel the same about these perks. In an industry with higher class clients, such as finance, you may have meetings at the office. This can hinder your company’s image if a Nerf war starts in the next room.

Ability to Work Remote

There’s a huge push for the “work, home” balance with companies. Many companies allow for remote or partial remote work when needed. There are a few key benefits to allowing remote work.

One benefit is finding talent in another city or state. You may need a specialized engineer you just can’t find locally. If they are a true candidate for the job, but relocation is an issue, remote work may be the answer. 

Remote work also allows developers with families to not worry about getting caught up with work for sick children. If a developer has car trouble, they can keep on task from home. Much like a flexible schedule, remote work gives the flexibility to work and allows your developers to be more productive 

One issue with remote work is you may have to provide a laptop and compensation for their internet and phone use to stay competitive with larger companies. Another issue is dealing with sensitive information, trade secrets, and intellectual property. Safeguards and SOPs will need to be in place prior to any remote work.


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