Jay Covey Speaks at MVCC’s GenCyber

The future of the economy, business, and career space are in technology. The demand for professionals is increasing with a stagnant supply of tech and software professionals. The rise in the advancement of techs such as cloud computing, blockchain, AI, machine learning, and the IoT will only cause more of a talent gap in the future until we find a way to close this gap and increase the talent pool and supply.

Locally, Mohawk Valley Community College has implemented boot camps for children in 9 through 12 grades to give a fundamental base of knowledge in computer science, cybersecurity, and programming. At the end of this one-week program, Covey President Jay Covey spoke with the children about creating a successful career in software and IT. You can read more about MVCC’s GenCyber program here

Jay included several key points to help with success in the field. These key points included soft and technical skills which carry from the tech field into business and consulting. The skills are usable in an employee or entrepreneurial role.

1. Communications:

Jay discussed how he studied philosophy and religion. He mentioned reading books other than programming books. All of this helped him not only with working with other engineers but build a consulting business. He explained communications helps to convey a tech-related message to non-tech people. These communication skills allow you to help solve their problems in a way they understand making them money and making you money.

2. Playing with Computers:

Jay discussed the need to do more than your required classwork. Play with technology you find interesting. Learn how to make the lights go on and off when you enter a room. Build other things you find interesting. Play with new stuff on your own to be ready when it’s needed. He said he still plays with computers when he isn’t running his company.

3. Get Other Work Experience:

Jay discussed working at McDonald’s before working in programming. He told the participants Covey hires interns with previous work experience. Prior work experience gives you knowledge of how business works. This experience shows you how to deal with coworkers and management. It allows you to build the soft skills needed to be successful. 

4. Cats Can’t Fix Computers:

That’s right! But Jay can!

With the growth of boot camps and the growth of career awareness to high school students, it’s essential to continue having mentors as Jay speak. These mentors allow the students to see real-world examples of how learning both technical and soft skills can help create a successful career, either working with a company or as an entrepreneur. The next generation of software engineers and IT professionals have the highest chance for success with mentors like these.

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